Our Recruitment Practices

Providing equal opportunities to people with the competencies required by the position

Our underlying principle is to provide individuals who are equipped with the correct position requirements with equal opportunities and improvement opportunities without discrimination.

Recruitment Process

Positions are occupied via career site applications, promotion or rotation between current employees, drawing on credentials, references or resume pool. Applications in the resume pool are the first to be evaluated on basis of the job requirements in case of any vacancies for any given position.

Human Resources Department contacts relevant candidates to commence recruitment procedures. All applications are saved in the database for future evaluation.

Internship Program

Bozlu Holding has an internship placement program designed to meet the needs of its various departments and create a pool of future human resources. Vocational high school or university students can apply to our internship placement program for voluntary or mandatory internship programs. The applications are evaluated according to the requirements of the departments followed by individual or group interviews. Succesful candidates are accepted into the program.

Human Resources

Our Group Brands