Bozlu Holding

Bozlu Group not only contributes to the health systems of Turkey and other countries where it operates, with the firsts it has achieved, but also contributes to the country’s economy with the qualified products it exports.

Bozlu Holding

Gerçekleştirdiğimiz ilkler ile Türkiye’nin ve faaliyette bulunduğu diğer ülkelerin sağlık sistemlerine sağladığı katkının yanı sıra ihraç ettiği nitelikli ürünler ile ülke ekonomisine fayda sağlamaktadır.

We, at Bozlu Holding, believe the ’individual’ is the pillar of a company, and people making up the company are vital to quality.

Bozlu is a group of companies active since 1990 with the establishment of its locomotive company, MNT Healthcare Services. It is composed of numerous highly reputable companies.

The Group, whose main business line is diagnosis and treatment in oncology, has also operations in non-destructive testing sector. Moreover it has investments in modern art and construction sector.

Bozlu Group gives great importance to compliance with international standards and to continuous improvement in each country it is present. It is eager to achieve a sustainable growth in every field where it operates, through value creation via advanced technologies.

Bozlu Group has gained its stakeholders’ trust by creating value for them through providing fast, high quality and people oriented services with innovation.

With each new investment, Bozlu Group contributes to the national economy with production, exports and services it generates.


Creating a sustainable and innovative value chain in healthcare and industrial areas for contribution to the well-being of the society.


Being a renowned and competent solution provider in its business.

  • BIP Industrietecknik
  • DDD Diagnostic
  • Bozlu Art Project
  • Capintec
  • Epsilon Landauer
  • Varinak Bulgaristan
  • Neolife Tıp Merkezi
  • Epsilon Landauer
  • MNT Europe
  • Bozlu Holding
  • Varinak Romanya
  • Varinak
  • Monrol Europe
  • Eczacıbaşı – Monrol
  • Epsilon NDT
  • Moleküler Görüntüleme (Mol Image)
  • Monrol
  • Epsilon Elektronik
  • MNT

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