MNT Healthcare Services and Trade

MNT provides key turn solutions to nuclear medicine and radiotherapy departments in universities, private and public hospitals for more than 25 years.


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Neolife Medical Center

Neolife is an outpatient center focusing on diagnosis and treatment of cancer. In the center, the state-of-art technology is used by experts to give the most modern healthcare services.


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USA based Capintec manufactures radiation measurement and safety equipments and sells them to the wold market. It provides innovative solutions to the customers.

Eczacıbaşı - Monrol Nuclear Products Industry and Trade

Eczacıbaşı-Monrol manufactures radiopharmaceuticals used in Nuclear Medicine for cancer diagnosis, control and treatment. The Company takes leading position for the development of the nuclear medicine both in Turkey and abroad.


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Varinak Oncology Systems Sales and Service

Varinak is the sole distributor of Varian product in Turkey, Romania and Bulgaria. In addition to be the sole distributor of the World leader. Company undertakes sales, marketing and after-sales technical service of Samsung and Ziehm products.

DDD Diagnostic

Denmark based Company ,designs and produces both general purpose and dedicated gamma camera to be used in nuclear medicine. The products reflect the high quality engineering aspects and design ability of Denmark.

Epsilon Electronics Industry and Trade

Epsilon Elektronik undertakes sales, marketing and after-sales technical services in medical electronics. There are quality control radioisotopes and equipments for nuclear medicine and dosimeter systems, patient positioning and fixing systems for radiation oncology.

ERS (Epsilon Radioactive Sources)

ERS ,sub-brand of Epsilon Elektronik, undertakes production, sales, marketing and after-sales technical services of radiactive sources and references used in nuclear medicine.

Epsilon Landauer Dosimetry Technologies Industry and Trade

Epsilon Landauer provides services for occupational and environmental radiation measurement with OSLD (Optically Stimulated Luminescance Dosimeter).

Epsilon - NDT Industrial Control Systems Industry and Trade

Epsilon-NDT undertakes distributorship of many known companies active in non-destructive testing systems and train technology systems.


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Solentek Industrial Design and Manufacturing Industry Inc.

Based in Bursa, Solentek produces semi finished freight wagons and railway related sub-components to both domestic and international markets. Thank to its R&D team, Solentek offers consulting services for various design projects.


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Germany based BIP-Industrietechnik, produces Ultrasonic Testing Devices, Optical Measurement, Disassembly and Assembly Equipment for Wheel Sets, Transport technology for wheel sets and Wheel Set Cleaning Benches.


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Globus Construction Contacting Industry and Trade

Globus is a construction company active in various fields such as housing, industrial buildings and dockyards. It is leader in healthcare sector , especially in radiation oncology, molecular imaging, radiopharmaceutical production plant projects.


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Bozlu Art Project

Bozlu Art Project aims to view artworks outside customary fractions and in this context, intends to develop a distinctive discourse for all the aspects of art by devising projects like a new literature, panels, discussions, archives and exhibitions.