Education and Training

Basic orientation and annual training programs

Education and Training activities are planned in relation to the improvement areas within the scope of companies and individuals. In line with our HR policies, all new recruits undergo basic orientation and annual training programs.

Education Process

Corporate strategies and targets, performance evaluation results, job requirements, management and employee feedbacks, new investments and projects are of importance in the determination of training needs. Training models are developed with the support of in-house trainers or outsourced to professional training institutions based on the subject and requirements of the training.

To this end, requirements are assessed at the beginning of each year via training requirement analyses and training plans are developed respectively for the holding and companies.

Training Programs

Various types of training programsa re available to our human resorces in line with company strategies and individual goals;

  • Orientation Training:
  • Competence and professional development training
  • Personal Development Training Programs
  • Management Development Programs
  • Quality Management System CoursesTechnical Training
  • Legally Enforced Training Programs

Human Resources

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