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Bozlu Holding is composed of 10 brands and 18 companies each of which is a leader in its own field. The dynamic and fast paced Bozlu Holding consists of companies each of which is a leader in its own field. All companies abide by the principle of providing quick, high quality and customer oriented services via utilizing the newest technology in accordance with a common vision; and have gained the trust of Turkish and foreign markets with their long-standing background especially in healthcare and technology fields.

The foundations of Bozlu were laid down in the year 1990 with the establishment of MNT Healthcare Services and Trade Inc which has introduced many innovations in its sector. The following Holding companies were also founded upon the premise of high value added businesses on a macro scale, involving advanced technology in order to add value to life. Accordingly, many “firsts” were achieved by Bozlu Holding companies.

Bozlu Holding, aiming to make its institutional structuring sustainable without sacrificing its notion of quality, aims to create long-standing international brands. The presence of Bozlu will strengthen in Eastern European countries as well as the Middle East, Eurasia and North African countries.


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